The development of the Intellectual Output O1 – STRUCTURED AND CUSTOMIZED COURSE FOR THE DIGITAL LEARNING OF ADULT PERSONS: FROM LITERACY TO DIGITAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL TRAINING, has mainly dealt with the subject of the last online meetings held for the coordination and communication of the project between the entities that make up the partnership.

The Intellectual Output is currently quite advanced, the didactic programming and the operating methodology for the three levels of the e-learning course are already completed. Regarding the contents of the different learning areas of each of the three levels of the course, its development is also significant, with the learning pills for the second level already fully completed, and those of the two remaining levels approximately at 40%.

Likewise, a prior evaluation system of the student’s competences has been designed, allowing an adapted educational process, along a protocol that defines the contents to be integrated in their training through a three-level structure: INITIAL, ADVANCED, and EXPERT.

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